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As the fourth-largest city in the state of Arkansas, Springdale is positioned in both Benton and Washington counties. This industrial city is of particular importance as it is perfectly located on the Ozark Mountains’ Springfield Plateau. Originally dubbed Shiloh, Springdale officially changed its name in the late 19th century. The area’s population skyrocketed more than 130% in the years between 1990 and 2020.

Things to Do

Springdale has plenty of fun events, amenities and features for people of all ages. From the Museum of Ozark History to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals minor league baseball team and beyond, the self-dubbed poultry capital of the world has ample opportunities for fun.


Springdale is the home of Tyson Foods’ worldwide headquarters. Tyson is the largest meat producer on the planet. Furthermore, Springdale is also home to numerous trucking companies to boot!


Springdale has a humid subtropical climate. Visit Springdale in the spring, autumn or winter and you will find the weather is absolutely perfect. However, the summers are comparably humid and hot. Thankfully, the average high in Springdale in the month of July is only 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees are uncommon. The average high in January is a lovely 46 degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of precipitation, Springdale receives the occasional rain throughout the year yet the summers and winters are fairly dry.

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Bella Vista

Initially established as a destination for sun-seekers back in 1917, Bella Vista has since exploded into a bustling city with plenty of activity amidst a peaceful natural setting. The city transitioned to a retirement community in 1965 yet officially became incorporated in 2006. Spend some time in Bella Vista and you will feel as though you are truly at home. Bella Vista is the perfect place to raise a family, retire or live life as a single.

Things to Do

Bella Vista has more than its fair share of amenities. Head on out for a day on the town and you will find half a dozen golf courses, countless parks, seven lakes with plenty of fishing opportunities, tennis courts, hiking/biking trails, putt-putt golf courses, a swimming beach, and even a marina.

Job Opportunities

Located on the Ozark Mountains’ Springfield Plateau, Bella Vista is the northernmost city in the state. Though Bella Vista certainly has ample natural beauty to explore, the community’s economy is also thriving. The area experienced rapid population growth in the early 2000s. As a result, locals and transplants have plenty of job opportunities in Bella Vista as well as nearby Bentonville.


The city has two school districts: the Bentonville School District on the east side and the Gravette School District on the west side. Bella Vista also has a private preschool dubbed Bella Vista Montessori Academy. There is also a kindergarten through grade four elementary school known as Cooper Elementary. Thankfully, Bella Vista students will soon be treated to two brand new schools currently being planned/built by the Bentonville School district.

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As a component of the Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan Area, Rogers is one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas. Though few know it, Rogers was the home of the first-ever Walmart store. If you are looking for a beautiful place to live with plenty of economic activity, high-quality schools, and fantastic weather, Rogers is the place for you.


Rogers has nearly perfect weather. The city’s climate is best described as mild. Rogers has warm and humid summers yet the winters are tolerable as there is no worry of excessive snow, chilly winds or subzero temperatures.

Economic Activity

Walmart’s headquarters is in nearby Bentonville. Plenty of Rogers residents work for Walmart yet there are several other large employers in the area. Local also work at Pinnacle Hills Promenade, the Frisco Station Mall, Ozark Mountain Poultry and Fire Western Bank.

Schools in Rogers has several private and public schools. In terms of secondary education, the city has a private Catholic school, St. Vincent de Paul. The Rogers New Technical High School is only six years old yet it is receiving rave reviews for its instructional approach that emphasizes project-based learning along with integrating technology in the classroom. The Rogers School District has received several U.S. News & World Reports Silver awards. If your little one is interested in the arts, be sure to check out the Arkansas Arts Academy High School. In terms of post-secondary education, Rogers boasts John Brown University, Harding University, Bryan College and plenty of other college campuses within driving distance.

Things to Do

If you are looking for something to do in Rogers, it won’t take you long to find some fun and interesting activities. Aside from the Rogers Commercial Historic District, Rogers also has numerous sites added to the National Register of Historic Places. The city has a total of five spacious parks, Wet Willy’s aquatic center, a splash park, a skateboard park, two lakes, a trail system, five golf courses and a whopping 26 athletic fields.

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Lowell’s roots go back to the 1840s when its initial settlement was made along Old Wire Road. The town was destroyed amidst the civil war then subsequently rebuilt in the 1880s. Nowadays, Lowell is considered a comfortable, peaceful and spacious bedroom community.

Job Opportunities

Move to Lowell and it probably won’t take you long to find a job. Lowell is the home of the successful and seemingly ubiquitous trucking business J.B. Hunt. Conveniently positioned between Bentonville and Fayetteville, Lowell residents often work in these nearby cities. Aside from Walmart’s headquarters in nearby Bentonville, additional Lowell-area employers include Arvest Bank, Wachter, Transplace and Central Research.


Several school districts operate in Lowell. Your little one’s unique location determines which school district her or she will attend. Lowell Elementary School was dubbed a ’15 Arkansas Reward School after its students’ top 5% performance. The area is also home to Grace Lutheran School, a Christian pre-school/grade school. Additional elementary schools include the Elza R. Tucker Elementary School. There is also the Bentonville School District and the Rogers School District.

Things to Do

Make Lowell your home and you will find the city offers plenty of fun-filled activities. Lowell’s Fast Lane Entertainment is particularly popular. This entertainment center provides colorful bowling alleys, an unmatched gaming room, a tag zone, tasty food and plenty more. Be sure to check out Arvest Ballpark for some action on the diamond. If you have little ones, your kids will immediately falling love with the Scott Family Amazeum. This facility provides kids with the perfect introduction to science, art, engineering and agriculture.

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Cave Springs

Cave Springs is one of the smaller cities in Benton County yet it is an enjoyable place to live. Located in the visually striking valley of Osage Creek, Cave Springs covers a mere 6.9 square miles. Give Cave Springs a chance and you won’t want to leave. 

Things to Do

Locals enjoy visiting Lake Keith, a diminutive water basin smack dab in the middle of the city. Lake Keith is home to the uber-rare cave fish. Though you cannot fish in Lake Keith, it provides a relaxing space to enjoy a weekend afternoon or evening by the water.


Two school districts service Cave Springs. The primary school district, Bentonville School District, serves most locals. However, some Cave Springs residents are provided with a public education through the Rogers School District.

Activities and Attractions

Make Cave Springs your home and you will be able to check out the city’s sights in a single day. This cozy yet aesthetically pleasing living space is quite serene. Be sure to check out Rolater Park where you can enjoy hiking/biking paths, a green space for your dog and/or children to explore and a lovely creek view. Additional Cave Springs attractions include The Creeks Golf Course and RV Resort, escape rooms and the always dependable mother nature. Cave Springs has mild weather year-round so you will have no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the stunning local natural landscape. 

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As the home of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville has no shortage of activity. Originally dubbed Washington, the city’s name was eventually changed in reference to the Tennessee city where most of its residents hail from. Often listed on Forbes magazine’s best places to live, Fayetteville is a bustling city with a robust economy and countless local attractions.

Job Opportunities

As noted above, Fayetteville is the home of the University of Arkansas. Additional local employers include the Washington Regional Medical Center, Arvest Bank, Arkansas Western Gas and Ayrshire Electronics.

Things to Do

There is always something going on at the University of Arkansas. Be sure to check out a Razorbacks football game while on campus. The university’s baseball team is also a big draw, performing locally at Baum Stadium, a facility often rated as one of the top college baseball stadiums in the country. Check out the entertainment district by the college and you will find plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. In particular, Fayetteville’s barbecue scene is quite popular.


The majority of Fayetteville’s youth attends a Fayetteville public school. All in all, the Fayetteville public school system has eight elementary schools, Fayetteville High School, four intermediate schools and two additional schools for special education. Newsweek honored the city’s high school for its top-notch AP courses and student scores in these advanced programs. As noted above, the University of Arkansas is also located in Fayetteville so local graduates do not have to go far to earn a college degree.

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